Gate of Vratna - Vratna Monastery - Rajac Wine Cellars

Full-day excursion - price 4,000.00 Serbian dinars per person

Arrival in the village of Vratna and a visit to three of the highest natural stone bridges in Europe, located over the river of the same name. In close proximity to this natural phenomenon is the Vratna Monastery, which, according to legend, dates back to the 14th century. Continuing the journey through Negotin, you will arrive in the village of Rajac and visit the Rajac wine cellars. According to official data, the complex consists of more than 160 grouped structures dug into the ground, used for wine production and storage (120 in the village of Rogljevo and 30 in Štubik). This vineyard region is renowned for its high-quality wine. Worth visiting is also the old cemetery with preserved stone monuments from the 18th century – stećci. After the tour, wine tasting and lunch will follow.