Restaurants and Bars

In our restaurant “Imperator we serve traditional meat dishes, a wide selection of meals for vegetarians, as well as dishes from both national and international cuisines. The ambiance is enhanced by the exceptional quality wines from the Kladovo region and the cellars of Rajač and Rogljevo.


At the fish restaurant “Terasa you can indulge in the finest flavors and aromas of high-quality sea and freshwater fish. Alongside this, you can enjoy premium red and white wines that complement the tastes and experiences of our guests. Here, you’ll relish an exceptional view of the Danube, the promenade, and the beautiful city beach.


Next to the promenade is our unique “La Perouse cafe bar & restaurant, which looks and tastes like tropical Australia. Enjoy the exotic interior and the most beautiful terrace on the Danube with burgers, salads and drinks that are recognized worldwide.