Kladovo and its Surroundings

About Kladovo
Kladovo is a charming town located in southeastern Serbia. It is situated right on the banks of the Danube River, 10 kilometers downstream from the Iron Gates Hydroelectric Power Station. On the other side, it is surrounded by beautiful hills covered with vineyards from the famous Negotin wine region. The town enjoys a moderate continental climate with a high number of sunny days.

In the center of Kladovo, there are two lakes with natural springs, a well-equipped marina for smaller boats and vessels, a sports hall, and several football fields. The town boasts a well-arranged beach along the Danube River that stretches for one kilometer. The Danube is rich in various fish species in this area, making Kladovo a great destination for sports fishing enthusiasts.

Kladovo and its surroundings have a rich history. The town features a museum with valuable exhibits from different historical periods and the Fetislam Fortress from the Ottoman era. In close proximity lies the Đerdap National Park, as well as famous archaeological sites such as Lepenski Vir, Trajan’s Table, and the remains of an ancient Roman bridge.

How to Get to Kladovo
There are four main routes connecting Kladovo to the rest of Serbia’s hinterland:
1 – From Belgrade (260 km), via Pozarevac and Donji Milanovac, following the Danube along the Djerdap Highway;
2 – From Paraćin (200 km), connecting to the Belgrade-Nis highway, crossing the Cestobrodica mountain pass, Zajecar, and Negotin;
3 – From Nis, approximately (200 km), through the Tresibaba mountain pass, Knjazevac, Zajecar, and Negotin.
4 – By boat from Belgrade as part of a three-day package arrangement. Boat departures from Belgrade are organized every Friday from May to October. Check the details of the arrangement here.

Sports Facilities
Kladovo offers excellent training facilities for athletes, including multiple well-maintained football fields, numerous illuminated outdoor courts for basketball, handball, volleyball, and indoor soccer.

Jezero (The Lake) Sports Hall
One of the most modern sports facilities in the country, the “Jezero” hall, is located near the hotel. Built to the highest global standards, the hall covers a total area of 5,660 square meters, with 1,600 square meters of usable sports space (elastic parquet). It is equipped for various sports and has a capacity of 2,000 seats. The hall is air-conditioned, features a press room (25 seats), 4 locker rooms with shower cabins, 2 referee locker rooms with bathrooms, and a medical room. The sports offer is completed with a fitness room, gym, and bowling alley.

Small Sports Hall
The small hall is located near the “Jezero” hall and is suitable for training athletes in various sports on the parquet floor. It can also host basketball and volleyball matches, with approximately 300 seats on telescopic stands.